About Us

Foreign United People offers emergency relief and supports persons displaced by war, persecution, or natural disaster. We are dedicated to providing relief and necessities of life and creating and advocating for innovative and sustainable solutions to displacement. Foreign United People is incorporated and is registered as a non-governmental organization (NGO). We have a Board of Directors, Members, and volunteers and offer various services and aid.

Our Mission

To provide humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups and individuals and to create and advocate for innovative and sustainable solutions to displacement.

Our Story

As soon as Russia invaded Ukraine in late-February 2022, a group of humanitarians from around the world met online and discussed providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine together. Shortly after their conversations, these individuals met in Poland with one objective in mind: to deliver direct relief to the most vulnerable victims of the invasion. Members of Foreign United People have diverse professional backgrounds including humanitarian organization, consultancy, urban planning, academia, first response, military, web design, software engineering, entertainment, policy & government affairs, fleet services and much more. The diverse skillsets contribute immensely to the success the team has had and will continue to have as we are driven by one mission, making our team quite unique.

Our Work

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